Limmudei Kodesh

We are committed to providing an outstanding and inspiring Jewish studies education. The curriculum equips the children with all the skills necessary to live as proud observant Jews. All teaching encompasses Jewish knowledge, values, beliefs and practice. As the children advance through the school, each year they progressively build upon their knowledge and understanding of Sedra, Yom Tov, Jewish History and Jewish practice through studying a wide variety of texts.

Children start learning to read the Aleph Beis in Reception. During their time in school, they gradually develop their kriyoh (Hebrew reading) skills, enabling them to engage with a variety of Jewish texts including Chumash, Nach, Mishna, Rashi, Gemoro (boys), Megilloh (girls) and Sefer Hachinuch (girls). Boys and girls learn together in their kodesh lessons until the end of Y4. In Y5 and Y6, some of the kodesh lessons are split with the boys studying Gemoro whilst the girls study a unique Sefer Hachinuch curriculum as well as Megillos Esther and Megillos Rus. All the children are positively encouraged to be proud of being Jewish and doing mitzvos. We promote and reward good middos and considerate behaviour in all areas of school life.

The whole school curriculum is designed so that Limmudei Kodesh and Limmudei Chol enhance and complement one another, with the explicit aim of raising the children's overall achievements.

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